Pragatee Foundation has distributed Free winter clothes, track suits, blankets, jackets and bedsheets to a mentally disturbed patient in Shivrun Pratisthan Mentally Disturbed Rehabilitation Centre at Junnar. Event was sponsored by Institute for Technology and Management and Trust (ITM) & Harihar Putra Bhajan Samaj Mandal. There are many ways of social services but services offering by Mr Akshay Burude is amazing. Really you cannot control your emotions. Such a great work performing by Mr. Akshay Borude who is only 21 years old from Junnar a birth place of the Great King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Akshay searches mentally disturbed patient from a various places like bus depot, railway stations and road sides…. Some time patient were found near a garbage area, some time near gutter. He brought all these identified mentally disturbed patients to his resident and took care of them like his family members. Also offering medical treatment to all such cases through expert doctors. Once patient is recovered from his problem he is trying to find out their relatives. By considering this Great work we have distributed Free winter clothes, blankets, suit tracks, winter jackets and bedsheets to the patients. Mr. Kiran Rane, Advocate S. A. Patel, Mr. Manohar Shingate, Ms. Siddhi, Mr. Rakesh wani and other honorable guests were present during this event.